The Lovely Cut is a Heart shape diamond patented design worldwide.
It has new innovative and unique faceting, brilliancy intensity and perfect form.

Profile Philosophy and Vision

R.G.S. DIAMONDS Ltd. is a diamond manufacturing company well known for Rounds Fancies and unique diamonds shapes since 1987.
Specializing in patenting branding designing and polishing of complex and unique diamond shapes is a key part of our company philosophy.
We are dedicated to forward progressive and innovative thinking.
The cutting equipment and capabilities in our factory is using the most advance and up-to-date technology manufacturing methods in the industry today.
The objective of R.G.S DIAMONDS LTD. is to express our knowledge, experience and professionalism of diamond manufacturing combined with fashion and global trends.
We create and manufacture any diamond shape and cut desired to create a personalized diamond identity.

The Lotus Cut® is a new diamond shape patent design worldwide. It symbollize spiritual englightment in cultures around the world .It is also the symbol of eternity the sun and rebith.

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